Meet the Press   |  March 24, 2013

Point of marriage: Procreation or love and commitment?

A Meet the Press panel discusses the Supreme Court’s gay marriage case and whether the marriage institution is primarily familial or relationship-oriented.

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>> of course it is. that's what the brief says and that's the point you made. the point of marriage is procreation. that's not the point of marriage. the point of marriage is love and commitment.

>> what i said was the verdict of social science is overwhelming and irrefutable and that is without regard to straight or gay. in other words this applies to one parent households. it applies to foster homes . it applies to the whole panoply. they've looked at them all. that the enduring, loving, intact, biological mother and father is best for children and it's not even a close call . and the only issue before the court is, is there a social good to that and does the government have a legitimate interest in protecting and strengthening? that's