Meet the Press   |  March 24, 2013

LaPierre talks background checks, assault weapons ban

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre discusses the universal background check legislation and the assault weapons ban.

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>> but why not try to create a system where you could have a better opportunity to trace a gun that was used in a crime even if it's not 100%? you use such incendiary language, the idea a federal registry which does not exist today on legal gun owners even though dick's sporting goods and others participate in this. we've been trying for 20 years and the nra is up on the hill trying to get this existing system on retail stores . here is what they want to do. they want to take this current mess of a system and expand it now to 100 million law abiding gun owners . every time a hunter wants to sell a shotgun to another hunter in kentucky, every time a farmer wants to sell a rifle to another farmer, they want to make them go somewhere. where are they going to go? to a walmart? is walmart going to want to see them come into the store? the local police station, are they going to want to do it? there's going to be a bureaucracy, a diversion of police resources.

>> isn't that preferable to a big loophole where you have 40% of private sales, one-on-one, where you have no ability to trace?

>> here is the loophole. society, the hipa laws, meantal health laws, medical records , the shooters in aurora, the shooters in newtown, they're unrecognizable. they're not going to be in the system. who is going to be in the system? you and me and our names are going to be in the system. there is going to be a list created. that list will be of you. some newspaper will print it off. somebody will hack it. there will be a registry. the obama's own justice department says they want a registry on this.

>> you've been negotiating with some like senator manchion. or at least not oppose actively that could allow this to pass?

>> we want to fix the existing system on retail sales because our people are the ones that are going true it and are getting delayed. it doesn't work. nobody gets prosecuted. it's completely ineffective and the nra wants to do things that make people say, which is, and i've been talking about it. i know the media doesn't want to talk about it, putting security in schools. armed security .

>> you keep saying that. every time you've been here we've talked about it and i'm going to talk about it in a minute. i want to nail down this point. i think it's significant. are you prepared to support something that would have some kind -- will some kind of background check pass congress?

>> we are working on a bill right now that will hopefully at least get the records of those adjudicated, mentally incompetent and dangerous into the check system that applies on dealers. most of the states still do not even do that. we need to see if we can get that done. we're looking to get better enfo enforcement of the federal gun laws . we're working on laws to beef up the penalties on straw purchases and illegal trafficking which we want prosecuted. we're 80,000 law enforcement families. we're 11,000 law enforcement trainers. we want to make people safe. that's what the nra does every day.

>> you oppose the assault weapons ban . there will be a vote on this separate from the main bill. nobody really thinks it's going to pass. but the vice president and the president are arguing that it should. here is what vice president biden said this week. i would like you to answer his challenge.

>> sure.

>> there's not one single thing being proposed, not one -- not one, not one -- that infringes upon anyone's second amendment constitutional right. this is not about anybody's constitutional right to own a weapon. tell me how it violates anyone's constitutional right to be limited to a clip that holds ten rounds instead of 30?

>> and here is why the whole thing doesn't work. it was in the law ten years ago, it didn't work. the studies show it doesn't work. anybody who knows anything about firearms snows the ar-15 which uses a 223 cartridge is at the low end of the spectrum of rifle cartridges. every round that deer hunters use is more powerful, 243, 270, 308. this whole thing about the fact they're machine guns . they're different. they make bigger holes. they're rapid fire . it's a lie. gun owners know that. they may be a victim of the lie but they know the truth.

>> you're saying it wouldn't work. you're not disagreeing with him when he says it's not an abridgement of the second amendment rate.

>> oh, it is. they're the second most commonly owned firearm in america and it is an absolute abridgement under the keller case. let me give you the real sad thing, though. let me hold you a mirror right now to the whole national news media and the white house . i just got the track data on enforcement of federal gun laws . last time i was here i brought it from 2011 . it just came out from 2012 . do you know where chicago ranks in terms of enforcement? out of 90 jurisdictions in the country they rank 90th. why doesn't nbc news start with shocking news on chicago of all the jurisdictions in the country, chicago 's dead last on enforcement of the federal gun laws . why doesn't the national press corps when they're sitting down there with jay carney can and the president and the vice president, why don't they say why is chicago did dead last in enforcement of the gun laws against gangs with guns, felons with guns, drug dealers with guns.

>> and you support charging them with a felony?

>> absolutely. we want them taken off the street f. you're the president and the vice president and the attorney general and your job is to enforce these laws -- i'm talk i talking about drug dealers , gangs and felons walking around with guns on the street and you don't do it, you bear some responsibility.

>> do you think the nra can prevail in new york? you heard mayor bloomberg say you can bring suits but it's within the realm of new york state to do so.

>> they are some of the most xhornl owned sporting firearms, target shooting firearms, self-defense firearms and, yes, they're pro-tacted under the gun state ban.