Meet the Press   |  March 31, 2013

Flake: universal background check ‘a bridge too far’

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona discusses the likelihood of a universal background check system being included in gun control legislation.

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>> let me ask you about guns, the background check . is there any part of the extended background check that you would support?

>> sure. i've actually introduced legislation with senator graham, beg itch and senator prior with regard to mental health issues. we do need to strengthen the background check system but universal background checks i think is a bridge too far for most of us.

>> why is that? why shouldn't -- why shouldn't law -- we have to go through tsa checkpoints, law abiding citizens have to do that. what's wrong with law abiding gun owners -- what do they have to hide? what's wrong with going through an expanded background check ?

>> the paperwork alone would be significant. even if there are exemptions for a father passing on a gun to his son or daughter, you'd still have issues with people in a private setting transferring or loaning a gun for somebody -- loaning a shotgun to go on a duck hunt , for example. i think in this universal background check there would be issues with. so i think universal background checks we can scale back and still make significant progress by strengthening our background checks system without going too far.