Meet the Press   |  March 31, 2013

Same-sex marriage: Will Flake support it?

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona says he would support a Republican candidate for president who supported same-sex marriage but that he still believes in the traditional definition of marriage.

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>> let me ask you on gay marriage could you support a republican presidential candidate some day who supported same-sex marriage?

>> oh, i think that's inevitable. there will be one and i think he'll receive republican support or she will, so i think that, yes, the answer is yes.

>> and where are you on this issue? you say it's inevitable. are you -- lisa called it evolving on the issue. are you evolving, to use her word, on this issue?

>> i believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. i still hold to the traditional definition of marriage.

>> is this something that you thought -- are you thinking abo about? could you imagine changing your position before you left the u.s. senate ?

>> i can't. i tell you, in the past i supported repealing don't ask/don't tell. i supported the nondiscrimination act a as well. but i hold to the traditional definition of marriage.

>> all right. senator jeff flake , i will leave it there. thank you, senator, for coming