Meet the Press   |  March 31, 2013

Pete Williams discusses gay marriage and SCOTUS

NBC Justice Correspondent Pete Williams reviews the week in same-sex marriage cases at the Supreme Court and what lies ahead for DOMA and Proposition 8.

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>>> for the second straight day the subject of same-sex marriage has been before the highest court in the land. two landmark cases in two days as a topic that is moving quickly in terms of public opinion comes before a court that tends to move slowly.

>> forces are colliding. joining us now to discuss the politics of same-sex marriage the host of msnbc politics nation and president and founder of national action network reverend al sharpton . president of the national organization are for marriage, brian brown . nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams . sticking around, who is your vafd the vote as a panelist survivor, wall street news columnist peggy noonan and joining us actor rob reiner . mr. reiner, thank you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> pete, i want to make you do your correspondent job. what happened this week? where's the court?

>> well, what i think we're not going to get is some sort of sweeping ruling on same-sex marriage. we're probably not going to get some sort of sweeping ruling on prop 8. on the prop 8 case , the case from california, this is the proposition passed by 52% of voters that stopped same-sex marriage in the state. it seemed like the supreme court is just not ready to rule one way or the other on it. they're going to find some way to send this case back to california stamped incommittee either by saying that the prop 8 proponents did not have the correct legal standing to enter the court in the first lace, or they're just not ready to decide it. people may think that's weird but the security doesn't have to take any case and there are sometimes situations where they say we're just not ready. on doma i think they will.

>> the marriage act ?

>> the defense of marriage act , signed by president clinton in 1996 . it says the it federal government cannot recognize same-sex marriage even in the states now numbing nine plus d.c. i think the court will find some way to strike doma down, with but that will not affect any state in terms of whether it has to allow same-sex marriage.