Meet the Press   |  March 31, 2013

Supreme Court has work to do

Will the Supreme Court actually make a decision on gay marriage, or will they just punt and let the rest of us talk about it?

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>>> thanks to all of my guests and a very packed show. we are, unfortunately, out of time. now you see why the supreme court has some work to do. we'll see if they actually make a decision or do they punt and let the rest of us talk about it. before we go, are a quick programming note. you can watch david gregory 's press pass conversation with author of the new book "happier

end egs: a meditation on life and death ." check back this afternoon for my take two web extra in honor of march madness . i gekd it out a little bit calling it senate madness with the political unit put a bracket together with some of the most influential and consequential senators throughout history and matched them up head-to-head. david axelrod and tom davis will talk about their picks on that. that's all for today. happy easter . happy