Meet the Press   |  April 07, 2013

Richardson says odds of Clinton running: 100 percent

Former Gov. Bill Richardson, GOP Strategist Mike Murphy; Politico’s Maggie Haberman; and NBC News Andrea Mitchell talk about why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would make a formidable candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

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>> governor, you have run against her for president back in 2008 , and there is something going on about this era of inevitability. it's not just in the democratic circles. maureen dowd quoting squams car carville saying the following about hillary clinton . she's gone to hell and back trying to be president, he's quoted as saying. she's paid her dues, to say the least. the old cliche is the democrats fall in love and republicans fall in line, but now republicans want a lot of people to run and they want to fall in love. and democrats don't want to fight. they just want to get behind hillary and go on from there, says someone who is obviously in her corner. how do you see it?

>> well, first, she doesn't confide in me, so that's number one. number two, i think the odds of her running are about 100% to zero. i think she will. she's a formidable candidate. and i disagree with senator graham. she was a good secretary of state. she logged almost a million miles , you know, enormous challenges. she was a good senator. she can now run as somebody who is out of the shadow of the president. the first woman president. she's got activists all over the country with her. she also has -- and now that i'm out of government -- i talk to a the lot of republicans. they like her. they like her strong performance. and i think you are going to see a formidable candidate. it's still too early, you know, anything can happen. but she's a major player.

>> hillary clinton , i mean, andrea mitchell , when we talk about her record as secretary of state, what senator graham alluded to, a mixed record on benghazi, in other aspects of her tenure. look, she still has to deal with the left on her support of the iraq war . she obviously rehabilitated herself in that real suspect in terms of certainly being seen as tough enough. what does she say? what is the most potent argument against her both within the party and by republicans?

>> i have a question as to the management style because will she have learned the lessons from '08 as maggie has laid them out? what kind of campaign will she run? campaigns have changed dramatically since she ran. look, as you said, the david plouffe run campaign for obama. is she on top of all these technical and polling advantages which is really light years from what she did in 08 and did unsuccessfully.

>> for all her strengths, she's in a bad position because the superwoman costume will be put on her and then spend four years lifting up locomotives and a cuomo pops up and gets the endorsement of the boston left-handed mill wrights, here is the nar rative when you're the early front-runner is bad.

>> there are generations of women -- i speak to the young women at the conference at both the tuesday and friday conferences. young women and women, mip 95 ye 95-year-old mother, god bless her, they want to see a woman in their lifetime. and this is a real aspiration and that is considering the demographics of our country, most voters are women.

>> if you look at the demographic coalition that president obama put together, and we were talking about this on election night . now you can't count all of those and take them for grafted, but that is the kind of coalition that if she does it right could be delivered right to hillary clinton to take into 2016 .

>> absolutely. it's hard for me to point to a state he got that she wouldn't want to get.

>> hispanics, women, young people .

>> and i think there is that sense of unfinished business that women voters do feel about her, about the country post- barack obama . i think there's two things. i think, you know, how do you be the future as opposed to the past? that's a real issue for her. that's more of a general election issue. in 2007 we knew barack obama existed, we just didn't think he was running.

>> when have we gone back, mike murphy . he told people it's hard to believe the country goes back and not forward generationally.

>> right. it's going to be a trick because we're going to want to relitigate a lot of stuff. we'll hear the word benghazi 3.2 million times.

>> how about iraq?

>> it is tricky. while she is so strong in the primary, in a general election we make the mistake of identity politics . i used to run the campaign for christine todd whitman of new jersey. we never carried in the exit polls the fae male vote. so people make a mistake about gender voting. it's more complicated than that. any democrat is going to have the presidential year, not the off year, but the presidential year demographic advantages they have.