Meet the Press   |  April 07, 2013

Will Biden step into the race?

Former Gov. Bill Richardson, GOP Strategist Mike Murphy; Politico’s Maggie Haberman; and NBC News Andrea Mitchell discuss the aspirations of Vice President Joe Biden going forward and how he can compete with Hillary Clinton.

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>> bill richardson , what about the vice president of the united states , joe biden , who, if you wake up in the morning, you know he's running. when i had him here last may, here was the question i asked. who is more likely to run for president in 2016 , you or secretary clinton?

>> i think we may run as a team. i'm only joking, obviously. i don't know whether i'm going to run and hillary doesn't know if she's going to run.

>> there's truth in humor, mr. vice president. and the rich laugh. the difficulty here, you're not like likely to see the kind of primary fight that you saw between obama and clinton, are you? wouldn't biden be very careful about doing that?

>> i think biden would run. he's always wanted to be president. he's been a good vice president. he was key in that whole economic agreement that was made. he's done a lot of foreign policy . he's in very good physical shape, so i don't think there will be an age issue. and he has ambition. he has the fire in the belly. when you run for president, you have to realize it's about four years of your life every day in a different spot. and biden has that sort of eye of the tiger . i don't think he would defer to secretary lyclinton. the relationship is very good. but, you know, when you run for president, you have to just do it.

>> i'm fond of him as a republican, just his personality. he's a patriot. but he is the atomic clock of second finance. and i don't think that's going to change. i don't think he'll win a democratic primary .

>> i don't know that he can run if she's running. if she's a declared candidate, they have the same base, a lot of the same donors, and he is beloved within the party and look how he pushed the envelope on gay marriage and forced the president into that situation. he's really been on the cutting edge of violence against women . he has everything going for him except that hillary clinton --

>> it's he's not a star.

>> let me get to a star in the democratic party ,