Meet the Press   |  April 07, 2013

Murphy: White House got greedy on gun control

CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, GOP strategist Mike Murphy; Politico’s Maggie Haberman; and Andrea Mitchell discuss the ongoing gun debate in Washington.

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>> maggie, the other thing coming to a head, of course, is the gun debate. i spoke to jim messina for press pass this week who ran his campaign, and he recognizes it would be a tough vote but he put both democrats and republicans on note for 2014 . here is a portion of what he said.

>> look, i understand there is real -- this is a tough political vote. i'm from montana. we're an organization that says we change the politics on the ground and say to members of congress, look, there's real support for these things and, david, there's a political price to be paid if you oppose it. i understand tough political votes in washington but, look, if i was a member of congress, i would not want to go home to my district and in 2014 election, defend voting against 90% of my constituents. david, what issue do you and i work on --

>> he's finishing up saying what issue do you get 90% approval on? is this a 2014 issue, democrats and republicans, depending on how they vote here?

>> i think it is absolutely and if the white house really wanted to move on this would have capitalized after newtown. there's a general feeling they missed their window.

>> is it missing the window or going for too much? the assault weapons ban , magazine clip ban.

>> dianne feinstein started playing that record, fast, one bullet, right the issue of the gun show loophole and background checks . they got greedy. when you win a big election, you get cocky and greedy. i think that's the mindset of the white house . the new chief of staff may be changing that. i think they blew an opportunity. they are looking -- maggie is right. they have trouble in 2014 in the senate. it's a different electorate. a lot of republican states. people like max baucus . you're not going to hear that spaech for baucus. and so they're looking for wedge votes. the so the debate may move back to politics.

>> do you see it passing?

>> at this stage they are at risk of not even getting the straw purchasing piece and the background check which is so surprising and the american people are so far in front of the legislators, this is the fact of redistricting and the fact that these are congress people for life and they don't feel