Meet the Press   |  April 14, 2013

Amendment mambo: Marco Rubio on reform bill

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio discusses certain details of bipartisan immigration overhaul framework and the potential for amendments and changes to the measure.

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>> isn't the hole rather deep? based on our recent poll, favorable/unfavorable ratings among hispanics in this country comparing you to hillary clinton here, look at her at 63%/13%. you are at 23%/12%. isn't that a sign of just how big the hole is even among hispanics in the country between you and top tier of democrats?

>> i don't know anything about these polls. and i quite frankly don't spend a lot of time analyzing them. this isn't about improving anyone's poll numbers. this is simple. i'm a senator. i get paid to solve problems. we have millions of people in this country who are illegal ly here. we don't know who they are, where they are. many of them aren't paying taxes. it's not good for them obviously either. it's not good for our economy. we have a legal immigration system that our business community is telling us is keeping them from creating jobs that can lead to economic growth.

>> understood.

>> we have immigration laws that aren't being enforced.

>> there's something that happens in this debate, the amendment process, additional opposition from conservatives that causes you to step back and say, i can no longer support this compromise agreement.

>> well, i've been very clear about my principles of what reform needs to look like, and if this bill were to somehow ab abandon those principles, certainly i wouldn't support that. i don't anticipate that. there are amendments, designed to make a bill better. i think that's important. what we are working on is a starting point. it snos the take it or hev it. we spent a lot of time crafting it. i think it's a very good piece of legislation, a very good law. there are 92 other senators who have ideas of their own, and i think that from them we are going to get ways to improve this. we are going to get ideas that make it better and i welcome that. there are amendments designed to undermine this, that will be designed to make this thing undoable. and obviously i'll oppose that especially if that's the intent of them. so certainly i'm looking forward to an open process of debate