Meet the Press   |  April 21, 2013

Is there a culture of complacency?

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin visits Meet the Press to discuss national security policy questions and whether the Boston marathon bombing could have been prevented through earlier policy changes.

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i want to bring in senator dick durbin from illinois. he joins us this morning. senator, as you think about the political impact of this, the impact of policy and debate on securing the country, the minority leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell , said the other day that we have, because of the work of our military and our law enfo enforcement officials, fallen into a place of complacency. do you agree?

>> not at all. not at all. listen, i spoke to the fbi director yesterday, bob mueller. and he talked about the extraordinary efforts by our intelligence agencies and law enforcement in the capture of these two individuals. think about it. less than a week ago this tragedy occurred and how quick ly they mobilize and worked effectively to find these two people. and let me also add this. i understand those of us in political laf should comment. that's our responsibility on policy questions, larger policy questions. when it comes down to the basic decisions how to go forward it to investigate this case and prepare it for trial, remember this, since 9/11 we have had hundreds, literally hundreds of terrorism cases successfully prosecuted through our court system . a handful, six cases, have gone through military commissions . so i can understand where president bush and president obama have given to the department of justice the authority to move forward with the type of process that we have going on today.

>> do you have questions about the fbi's tracking of the older suspect here who is now dead and whether something was missed?

>> of course i do. and i think we should is ask those questions. that's our responsibility. i listened to mike rogers and i thought it he laid it out as a former fbi agent himself what we were faced with when we were asked these hard questions. we have to make sure as well, david, we give to the intelligence and law enforcement agencies , federal, state, and local, the resources they need to keep america safe. we live in a dangerous world. we live, also, in a free and open society we value very much. forward to keep americans safe at the marathon, at every other public event, we need to invest the resources that are necessary for law enforcement .