Meet the Press   |  April 28, 2013

McCain on sequester: ‘We have our priorities a little bit skewed’

Sen. John McCain laments the sequester cuts, saying that the sequester cuts are putting the nation at a security risk.

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>> came up at the end of the week over the faa and flight delays and new legislation to basically provide the administration with more flexibility to get the planes running on time again, what would you be prepared to do to replace the sequester of the most harmful effects of the sequester? is that a model for what washington ought to be doing about it?

>> well, i say with all due respect to my friends, it's a little bit hypocritical on the same day when all of the focus was on the delays that we have in getting through airports, the chief of staff of the united states army was saying that we are going -- if we don't reverse this, we're going to have a hollow army. we'll be unable to defend the nation, and it would take us 10 or 15 years to recover. i think we have our priorities a little bit skewed here. look, i'm for giving the faa flexibility, but i also want to give the military flexibility, and i don't want the sequestration cuts to be as steep as they are on national defense . we have a lot of savings we can make in national security , but right now we, in the words of the secretary of defense and our uniformed service chiefs, we're putting the security of this nation at risk.