Meet the Press   |  April 28, 2013

McCain talks about what might have been

Sen. John McCain reflects on remarks made by Joe Biden about the 2008 race and what might have been had McCain been elected.

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>> i want to end on politics. you had your old friend and former colleague in the senate, the vice president joe biden , offering some political analysis about the 2008 race. here's part of what he said.

>> and the truth of the matter is, barack knows i know had the economy not collapsed around your ears, squon, in the middle of, literally, just as you were -- as things were moving, you at least would have, i think you probably would have won, but it would have been incredibly, incredibly, incredibly closer. are you inherited a really difficult time.

>> if not for the economy, you would have been president, is that how you see it?

>> no. look, joe biden and i are very close friends, and i think it would have been a much closer race, but, i'll tell you, he has -- president obama ran a great race, and that campaign matters. i appreciate the fact that my dear friend would say something like that, but i know that -- i doubt if the outcome would have been a lot different, but i can always hope it might have been.

>> all right. senator, we'll leave it there. more to come on the syria de debate. we appreciate you coming on this morning.

>> thank you.