Meet the Press   |  April 28, 2013

Roundtable reflects on correspondents' dinner

A Meet the Press panel of journalists and pundits looks back on key moments from the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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>> did the president do last night?

>> i think he was incredible. you know he likes to do these things. it's fun. i really look at this dinner as a chance for him to make fun for himself in a town there's dagers on every corner for people to come together and have some fun. he was tremendous. my famous line was actually when he talked about now he wanted to have his presidential library and he wanted to have it in the first place.

>> these are actual opportunities for presidents and presidents, i think back to president bush , usually do very well at these things, plus they can take on stuff they're actually legitimately mad about with humor.

>> a sense of humor. humor and humility are in short supply in washington. i thought the president's remarks were funny last night.

>> chuck, what were his favorite targets? we played it at the top, the bit about if you want minority outreach, why don't you start with this minority.

>> contractually are we okay to praise conan? he was really funny, too.

>> i think so.

>> what i wonder is how many people realized at the end when he did his -- there's always this part at the end where they get serious for the minute, the part where presidents say i think the press has a good job to do and i understand. he didn't say that. he wasn't very complimentary of the press. we all can do better. it did seem -- i thought his pot shots joke wise and then the serious stuff about the internet, the rise of the internet media and social media , he hates it. okay? he hates this part of the media. he really thinks the buzzification, not just about buzz feeds and politico, he thinks that coverage of political media has hurt political discourse . he hates it. i think he was trying to