Meet the Press   |  May 05, 2013

Privacy may become cost of safety

A Meet the Press roundtable or lawmakers talks about possible steps to present terror on the homeland and whether it involves a potential infringement on the rights of American citizens.

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>> "time" magazine asks on its provocative cover this week. homeland insecurity . the question is do we need to sacrifice privacy in order to be safer? is that going to be the immedia immedialesson from the boston bombing?

>> i think we need more cameras. boston has a small police partment in new york if these folks had tried this they probably would have been identified faster. let me make a couple of points. first of all not all of these plots are associated in any way with al qaeda training. these are people who go on the internet and look at "inspire" magazine, this guy admitted it, and there are the directions for how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. you can figure this out. he also was inspire bid awlaki's preachings which are online even though he was taken out by a drone strike as was the original writer of "inspire" magazine. we have to think ahead. the best way to do this is build trust with communities so that families and teachers and neighbors alert law enforcement --

>> let me pick up on that point for mayor giuliani. there have been skacalls for more ethnic profiling . is it greater tracking and monitoring in mosques and in muslim communities to defect what was missed here with tsarnaev who apparently was challenging his iimam and all the rest.

>> profiling is perfectly legal and perfectly legitimate if you're following leads, objective evidence. somebody tells you that the person who committed the crime is 6'4" and he's white you don't go look for a 5'4" asian. the reality is profiling is perfectly appropriate if it relates to objective facts and not to some attempt to just smear someone. reality is, unfortunately, a significant number, not all, but a significant number of these attacks come about from this distorted islamic extremist ideology. so you can't ignore it. you've got to go after it. we don't have to sacrifice privacy to do it, but we also shouldn't sacrifice common sense. the president could help us here a lot if he would designate the major hasan shooting of several years ago as a terrorist act and not workplace violence . i think that sent the wrong signals to the bureaucracy.

>> quick point, congressman.

>> the mayor makes the core points that jihadists around the world don't attack us for the actions we take. they attack us for who we are. we are freedom's home and we are freedom's defender. it didn't take guantanamo bay , it didn't take drones to knock down those towers on 9/11. if we grounded ere dro eed every drone, closed guantanamo bay they'd find another pretext.