Meet the Press   |  May 05, 2013

Immigration impact: Will the bill pass?

Capitol Hill lawmakers express hope for the Senate’s immigration overhaul framework.

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>> you're pushing this as are others to get an immigration reform bill. you want to amend the bill include same-sex partners to be able to come into the country. marco rubio and others have said that effort would kill this legislation.

>> there is -- you know, we've had about ten different things that people say will kill it. if we don't make the fence long enough that kills it. if we don't have a high enough fine, that kills it. the fact is there are a lot of people who want to kill an immigration bill no matter what. we will have votes on this. people can vote for or against any one of these amendments. now, i've had 20-some-odd hearings in all on immigration judiciary. we'll start marking up the bill this week. everybody can bring up whatever they want. we're going to have a fair and open thing. and then vote it up or vote it down.

>> is immigration going to pass? is reform going to pass?

>> i hope it does. because i think it would be a --

>> i know you hope it will.

>> it would be a huge mistake -- i think it can. i think the so-called gang of eight, four democrats, four republicans, crossing the political spectrum deserve an enormous amount of credit for the work they've done. i've met with them many times. i think we can get it passed.