Meet the Press   |  May 05, 2013

The guns agenda: NRA stirs the pot

A Meet the Press panel of pundits looks at the gun control reform status and the NRA’s role in the debate.

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>> some issues i want to throw on the table, like guns, which there were some developments this weekend at that nra convention, guns are going to be a big issue in 2014 , vice president of the nra talking about boston bombings, gun control fight. here's what he said this weekend.

>> imagine waking up to a phone call from the police at 3:00 a.m . in the morning warning that a terrorist event is occurring outside and ordering you to stay inside your home. frightened citizens sheltered in place with no means to defend themselves or tir families from whatever might come crashing through their door. how many bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago?

>> harold ford ?

>> the gmen responsible for the boston bombings were caught. largely because of we have law enforcement in this country. i think i understand what he's saying. i disagree wit fully. i think people should be able to protect themselves. i would hope that this debate as it heads into 2014 does not disintegrate or devolve into something nasty, ugly, more polarizing and perhaps violent. we have challenges in this country. joy touched on. this is not just an islamist issue. there are white americans who are participating and have enacted and imposed these horrific crimes and apros trocities on people.

>> david axelrod telling "the new york times," until somebody loses their job, congress is not going to move on these things sfwl exactly. this is the key to the nra 's influence. it isn't spending money. they have extremely active and engaged membership that cares about this issue more than 90% of those opposed, the 90% of the people that support background checks. until someone else demonstrates otherwise --

>> let me get a break