Meet the Press   |  May 12, 2013

Feinstein details immigration bill amendments

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California discusses the Senate’s markup of the bipartisan immigration overhaul currently pending in the chamber.

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>> i want to ask you about the other big issue you're working on this week, that is immigration. is there going to be an overall immigration reform bill passed in the senate? you've been involved in the markup. the pushbacking from republicans is look, we have got to the get border security right and it's got to be tough before we get to any of the business of a citizenship pathway for those here illegally.

>> well, we saw in the committee, we passed 32 amendments thursday. what we saw was a prodigious effect to say nobody could be on the pathway to a green card until the border was 100% or somehow 90% absolutely guaranteed secure. the border patrol has been doubled. there are nearly 25,000 border patrol now on the border. and intrusions have dropped dramatically. of the fence, the secretary of homeland security testified that about 300 mile -- excuse me, i think close to 350 miles of fence have already been built. and there's some left to do with less than 50 miles. we have air resources. you have drones. you have cameras. the border has been fortified more than anytime in our history. and i think that we need to move ahead with this. i think we will move ahead. i think it's our chance. if we fail this time, i think you're not going to have another chance in the next decade. so i am very hopeful the people, the gang of eight has held together. they have -- they understand the break points. they are supporting one another. if that continues on the floor when the bill gets to the floor, i think we have a very good chance of success.