Meet the Press   |  May 19, 2013

Pfeiffer: ‘What happened in Benghazi was a tragedy’

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer vows the administration will take preventive steps to keep another Benghazi-like incident from happening, and accuses Republicans of trying to “make political hay” over the scandal.

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>> let me ask you about benghazi , the attack on our consulate, four americans killed. the president is making it clear he thinks this is a political hit job by republicans. do you acknowledge any mistakes made in the course of communicating to the public by benghazi or respond together benghazi attack?

>> we acknowledge what happened in benghazi was a tragedy. the independent board led by it would have our leading nonpartisan figures, ambassador pickering and admiral mullen and they said there are a lot of steps to make sure this never happens again. here's the evidence that proves the republicans, playing politics with this. they received these e-mails months ago, didn't say a word about it, didn't complain, confirmed with the cia director right after that. and then last week a republican source provided to john carl of abc news a doctored version of an e-mail. y you know they're getting desperate here.

>> you have the president who claimed it was called an actor terror and the administration in terms of publicly of an interview he gave to cbs, in addition to what is going behind the scenes is doing his level best to take out reference to a particular terror group involved, to evidence of prior warnings of our security. there was an effort to either downplay this, critics would say, or to be very cautious at a time when a lot of information seemed to be known.

>> if you look at the e-mails, they tell you three things that are very important that undermine all the republicans allegations. first that the caallegations were not included. two references to the al qaeda were removed by intelligence community , not the cia and what we were trying to do was get it right based in a very challenging environment with shifting information, at the same time to protect the integrity of the investigation that was going to happen to ensure we brought justice to the people who committed this heinous act.