Meet the Press   |  May 19, 2013

Pfeiffer: ‘Fierce advocacy’ for the press

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer recounts the AP/Justice Department controversy developments and talks about the future of journalism shield laws.

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>> the phone record for the a.p. is an issue. the attorney general will stand by the white house fully?

>> the president has faith in attorney general holder. our cardinal rule is we don't get involved in independent investigations and this one of those. as a johnson principles, there are two things important we want to balance. one, national security leaks are dangerous. people that put the lives of our intelligence officers , our military at risk. but, two, we have to do it in a way in a balances freedom of press, which is why the president called on congress to pass the media shield law .

>> i wonder if the message to congress is put up or shut up. if you're going to criticize me for not being involved, why don't you put up a law that better protects journalists.

>> the president has wand this law for years, there's been republican opposition to it it. they've fierce advocacy of the press. this is an opportunity