Meet the Press   |  June 02, 2013

Should Holder resign?

A Meet the Press panel of experts discusses whether Attorney General Eric Holder should resign in the wake of controversy and how the scandal has undermined the trust of both journalists and the American people.

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>> congresswoman, do you think the attorney general needs to resign at this point?

>> i think that the attorney general has definitely lost the trust of the american people . when you are out in my district, people feel betrayed by the conduct of this administration and this attorney general. and, you know, it is an issue of leadership. just as david sets the standards and decorum for his department and his classroom, the president sets that for the administration. and people are wanting answers. they don't want excuses. they want accountability. they don't want evasion. they have lost the trust. i think it'll take a generation to rebuild trust in the federal government at