Meet the Press   |  June 02, 2013

Schumer: Immigration to Senate floor on June 10

Sen. Chuck Schumer visits Meet the Press to forecast the future of the bipartisan immigration overhaul and how it’s being prioritized in the Senate.

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>> you're obviously focused on immigration reform . you're part of the gang of eight. this is a question about the president's agenda in light of all of these scandals and controversies that the administration faces. i talked to one of boehner's top guys this week who said if senators say they can get republican votes in the senate and it's automatically going to transfer to getting votes in the house, they're wrong. it's going to be a long slog in the house as well.

>> first, we're going to put imfwrags on the floor starting on june 10th . i predict it will pass the senate by july fourth. we're hoping to get 70 votes, up to 70 votes which means a lot of republicans. we're willing to entertain amendments that don't damage the core principles of the bill but improve the bill just as we did in committee. we came out of the committee very strong. our gang of eight stuck together and we picked up orrin hatch 's vote as well. these so-called scandals have not diverted us one iota. you have on the gang of eight three of the people who have been most critical of the president on some of these other issues. for the future of america, job growth , middle class , straightening out this system. it hasn't interfered one iota. we are moving forward because we believe in a bipartisan way this is so vital for america. we'll have a good bill. congressman boehner is in a box. there are about 60 or 70 of his people who are against any immigration reform . but at the same time, he knows that the republican party will be consigned to a minority party for a generation if they're anti-immigration. my advice to him, let's see what happens in the senate bill . if we can come out of the senate with close to a majority of the republican senators and almost every democrat, that may change the equation in the house and the thinking in the house among mainstream republicans. and they may want to go for our bill.

>> do you have a warning for republicans who want to make the irs and personal issues affecting the president the main theme of 2014 ?

>> my warning to the republicans is look at 1998 . all they did is spend their time on the impeachment of bill clinton . and for the first time the incumbent president didn't lose seats in the house. certainly there should be investigations. and of the irs, which is i think is the really serious one of these three. the others are serious, but we haven't seen wrong doing. the press shield area is a mess. and you need independent legislation as i mentioned. but if they go too far, they will lose. and the -- looking into these investigations is no substitute to focusing on the economy, jobs for the middle class . republicans are right to want to look at these things. if they emphasize it too much they're going to pay a price at the polls in 2014 .