Meet the Press   |  June 16, 2013

Graham details two wars in Syria

Sen. Lindsey Graham talks about the various facets of the conflict in Syria and the implications it has for dynamics in the Middle East.

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>> senator, shouldn't politicians like you, shouldn't the president himself be more honest with the people and say, we are on a slippery slope , that if in a few months --

>> yes.

>> -- the rebels that we've supplied with these arms, heavy or light, are losing on the battlefield, that we're going to have to do more, that we're committed to them now, is that right?

>> yes.

>> so what does that mean?

>> yeah, i think that's -- well, i think there's two wars. the first war is to displace assad , to change the balance of military power vis-a-vis assad so we can get a political solution. the second war is to deal with the radical islamists who have flown in to aid the rebels. unfortunately, you're going to have two wars. when assad falls, you're going to have a war between the average syrian and the al qaeda elements who come into syria. here's the good news, david. i don't think the average syrian wants to displace assad and have an al qaeda state to replace him. these radical islamists are coming to the fight because of the security vacuum. they in my view do not represent the average syrian person. hezbollah, neither does al qaeda represent the average syrian. that's the good news, but they have to be fought.