Meet the Press   |  June 23, 2013

Kasim Reed: Deen comments unfortunate

Democratic Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, tells David Gregory that Paula Deen’s past use of racist slurs is very unfortunate and unacceptable.

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>> mayor reed in on something with paula deen . again, abrupt switching of gears, but a big story this weekend. paula deen of course the food channel has dropped her, aapologizing for using the "n" word in the pass, a debacle here. from your home state, what do you make of this?

>> well, one, i want to remind folks that if the president hadn't been re-elected we wouldn't be having a debate about immigration. we'd be on to something else. so i don't think he's been neutered. regarding paula deen , i think it's very unfortunate. what she's basically said is she used language from her childhood and growing up in the past, but we all have to change. so i think folks will be hearing what she hz to say over the next few weeks. i think she has apologized. she'll continue to do that. this is very unfortunate and totally unacceptable