Meet the Press   |  June 23, 2013

3: Roundtable weighs in on Capitol Hill’s hot button issues, Deen

A panel of experts discuss whether immigration reform can get through the House and the controversy surrounding Paula Deen.

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>>> we have a live picture from moscow. a media spectacle there as the flight that's believed to have edward snowden on it is being greeted by people waiting for the flight but also journalists as this will be an evolving story about snowden's arrival in moscow, where he eventually goes, and one that will be getting a lot of attention as we move forward. chuck todd asked the other question that will be getting a lot of attention moving forward, what's happening on capitol hill this week over immigration and whether, in fact, reform is really at hand and what we end up up with in the end?

>> i have been one of these people that said don't be part of this chatter that it won't get through the house and once the senate gets 70-plus votes its will get through. watching speak boehner bring a bill, the entire leadership bring a bill to the floor they thought they had the votes for and they couldn't do it, and it goes through this point you were bringing up with robert, which is i saw the president overseas essentially neutered, inability to do much on syria, not -- there isn't this sense of urgency, how do you get russia to move off its support of assad, sort of this stalemate that's going there, inability to use the platform leader of the free world there, watching the speaker of the house totally not being able to lead, makes you wonder how does immigration get the through? the senate is working. senate's a lonely, tiny little body that seems to be working with some sort of diligence here. they'll get something through. i still think they get 70, 57 votes. i'm no longer believing it can get through the house.

>> lindsey graham on this program last week, mike, wurz sayingitis a death spiral for gop if they don't get reform done. but there are a lot of people in the house who might be willing to take him on on that.

>> yeah. no, i've been a fanatic for this issue far long time, huge supporter of immigration reform and the bill is loaded up with this border surge, a political maneuver and an expensive one, to try to get it through the conservative wing in the house saying it's dicey. i'm hoping it passes because i'm tired of watching democratic inaugurations in washington, but it could very well fail.

>> leaving aside the irony that to get conservatives to support immigration reform we should double the size of a government bureaucracy in the border patrol , but i do think one of the things that mike and many republicans that are supportive of this are going to have to face is the reality of if this dies in the house with this huge amount of border security in it, they're going to have really tough conversations with latinos and hispanics about what this party stands for, do they really want people to --

>> i just want to get mayor reed in on something with paula deen . again, abrupt switching of gears, but a big story this weekend. paula deen of course the food channel has dropped her, aapologizing for using the "n" word in the pass, a debacle here. from your home state, what do you make of this?

>> well, one, i want to remind folks that if the president hadn't been re-elected we wouldn't be having a debate about immigration. we'd be on to something else. so i don't think he's been neutered. regarding paula deen , i think it's very unfortunate. what she's basically said is she used language from her childhood and growing up in the past, but we all have to change. so i think folks will be hearing what she hz to say over the next few weeks. i think she has apologized. she'll continue to do that. this is very unfortunate and totally unacceptable