Meet the Press   |  June 30, 2013

Gay marriage in the midterm elections

A Meet the Press panel of experts discusses how the recent Supreme Court decisions will impact the 2014 midterm elections.

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>> ralph reed , quick reaction on the political point. you have said this week, this is going to energize republicans not only to fight gay marriage at the state level, but this has implications for the midterm race as well.

>> no question about it. i mean, i think that, first of all, it's far better for this to be resolved at the state level than by a federal decision. second of all, it's better resolved in the political and legislative process at the ballot box than it is by ap active judicial fiat. i think if we find the silver lining at all, and it's hard to do in these decisions, that's it. so what you're going to see in states like iowa where the supreme court imposed same-sex marriage on the state, we're going to be --

>> the state supreme court .

>> the state supreme court . we're going to be attempting to elect legislators who will pass a constitutional amendment to ratify that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

>> three main election efforts, electing mitt romney , getting that iowa state supreme court justice thrown out and the minnesota anti-gay constitutional amendment . you lost all three of those fights in november 2012 . between organize arguments --

>> turn out the evangelical vote.

>> and it was great and they lost, but between -- when oral arguments were made in this case, there were nine states that recognized marriage equality . by the time of the ruling there were 12 states and five minutes later there were 13 states .