Meet the Press   |  June 30, 2013

Pelosi waxes optimistic on immigration

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi discusses the Senate's immigration reform measure and its chances of passing in the House.

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>> so many hot-button issues to get to. immigration.

>> yeah.

>> you've apparently spoke on the president about the game plan, the way forward . look how daunting this is. 70% of districts held by republicans in the house have a population of hispanic voters of 10% or less. you're an advocate, but you're also a realist. how tough will this be to get meaningful legislation in the house?

>> i'm hopeful. i'm very optimistic before too long and certainly before this year will have comprehensive immigration reform . congratulations to the senate in a bipartisan way and to the courage of those on the republican side especially who made the tough vote. on the house side, the speaker will have his way to bring a legislation to the floor, and hopefully it will be in a form that takes --

>> what's going to happen? those are the outlines of it, but you've opinion very tough on the speaker saying he's weak. and how optimistic can you be given the fact that i just, you know, cited for you and the views you're going to get?

>> we wouldn't even be where we are right now had it not been 70% of hispanics voted for president obama , voted democratic in the last election. that caused an epiphany in the senate, that's for sure. so all of a sudden now we have already passed comprehensive immigration reform in the senate. that's a big victory. i believe that the members of congress, many more than are directly affected themselves by number of hispanics in their district, will do what is right for our country. and it's certainly right for the republicans to say they want to win a presidential race. the senators know it's important to win statewide, to have hispanics and other immigrant populations supporting them. hopefully, they can persuade their colleagues in the house. but i think they're enough, they're enough. the question is do we have to have these pi-r-squared mathematical formulas about what it takes to bring something to the floor? 218, that's a majority in the house.

>> that would include democrats not add hering only to the majority of republicans.