Meet the Press   |  June 30, 2013

Pelosi: Anti-abortion momentum disresgards women's rights

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visits Meet the Press to discuss the strategies used to attack women's reproductive rights on the state level.

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>> right.

>> on abortion rights , look what's happened, this back and forth in texas this week in an attempt to narrow abortion rights there. as you look at -- here's the supreme court giving back to the states power over big issues like gay marriage , do you see what's happening in the states as the potential, laying the groundwork for potential to undermine abortion rights and why the supreme court would take that up again? do you feel that pressure?

>> yes, i do. but i think it's really important to enlarge the issue beyond abortion because i have been serving here for over two decades, and i have seen year in and year out largely the republicans voting against women -- contraception, family planning . so they want to argue the sensational, which is about abortion, certain cases of abortion. but the fact is it's a fundamental disrespect for women , women 's judgment about the sizing and time of their families. this is a women 's health issue. and, again, if you want to win the day, take the issue to the extreme. but the fact is every single day in the ordinary, the american people , america's families have to make decisions about their families that should be made by them, not by texas or the united states or congress.

>> do you fear we're at a new age of the erosion of abortion rights ? if you look at what's happening in the states, the number of states that have banned abortions, for instance, after 20 weeks.

>> i think we're in a place where a woman's health is in danger because of whether it is family or contraception or any issues that relate to women 's health. there is an assault on that in the congress, on the ongoing, and in other parts of the country. so we have to be ever vigilant and fight for this. this is -- again, this is about respect for women , the judgments that women make and their doctors about their reproductive