Meet the Press   |  June 30, 2013

Pelosi: 'It's a little early' to forecast 2016 race

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talks about Hillary Clinton's potential to run in the 2016 presidential campaign.

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>> let me end on a political note. you talked about hillary clinton this week.

>> yes.

>> you talked about how credentialed she'd be, how prepared she would be to be president and if she ran she would be in 2016 . is that an endorsement? and do you see any challenges to her getting the nomination or winning the white house ?

>> i think it's a little early. we have the election in 2014 which we intend to win.

>> right.

>> so urgent so that we can really have a jobs agenda, that we can have a budget that grows the economy.

>> a lot of focus and a lot of planning goes into this among these potential campaigns. you speaking out was significant. are you endorsing her?

>> i'm excited about the prospect of a woman president of the united states . special a woman as well qualified as hillary clinton . i make a habit of not endorsing people until they make a decision to run, but i think there are many people who are waiting to see if secretary clinton runs. but first, we have to win in 2014 . we need a budget, a jobs agenda, and all we have here is obstructionism. i wish in 2014 one word could be on the ballot voted up or down -- bipartisanship, cooperation, working together. get the job done for the american people instead of the obstruction that the republicans have put up against any initiative that president obama puts forth to create jobs, to reduce the deficit, to grow the economy, to strengthen the middle class . we've got to get through 2014 first.