Meet the Press   |  July 07, 2013

Panel: Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei could be the future leader

A panel of experts discusses who will next lead Egypt and how the country may be ruled.

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>> is he if the future?

>> he may well become is brim prime minister. there's still a sense the job may become him oom oop. he's probably more attractive to the outside world more than he is known inside of egypt . he did work for the international atomic energy agency for which he won a nobel prize , but he also boycotted the three democratic elections inside egypt . he was calling for another one in what were supposed to be upcoming parliamentary elections . if you're going to believe in democracy, you have to participate in it. and this is where we're getting into this period that you think the last year wutz tough, wait till the next year, because of all these natural divisions. i think egypt is a very pluralistic society in that they're a huge array and not even all the islamists are united.

>> just lacks pluralism. that's the point i'm making. that's the problem. it's deeply pluralistic but it doesn't have a pluralistic effort.

>> all these divisions i think will make the transition very difficult because it's not just who is ruling egypt but how it's ruled. they have to decide on the basic problem of the constitution. it's been suspended. do they amend it, rewrite it? last time around they put it to a referendum and 77% of the people supported it.

>> comment here?

>> look, it's a very interesting thing because this was the muslim brotherhood 's big chance. they've been waiting 08 years to take over egypt and they blew it. they put a bump kin in charge, a guy who was in over his head, who while over his head pretty much tried to seize absolute power . there was a coup in november when basically morsi tried to put himself beyond judicial review and tried to take over absolute rule. that's when things turned south for him. they have blown it. tom is exactly right. they have not shown themselves to be ready to be leaders of a