Meet the Press   |  July 07, 2013

Menendez: Asylum for Snowden is a step against the US

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., says that any country that accepts Edward Snowden is going against the United States and “they need to be aware of that.”

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>> about another national security concern. that is nsa leaker edward snowden , still stuck at a hotel in this transit zone in russia's airport in moscow. he's been offered asylum now by venezuela. there are other countries in latin america including bolivia and nicaragua offering him asylum. chairman of the foreign relations committee , what are the repercussions? what should the repercussions be for those countries if they grant him asylum?

>> well, clearly it's very clear that any of these countries that semisnowden offer him political asylum is taking a step against the united states , making a very clear statement. i'm not surprised by the countries that are offering him asylum. they like sticking it to the united states . i think, you know, you have to look, you know, whether you look at trade preferences that may exist with these countries, other elements of our policy, our aid, our trade. you have to look at it and decide, in fact, if any of these countries actually accept snowden and he gets there, then you're going to have to decide how you react. but clearly any such acceptance of snowden to any country, any of these three or any other, is going to put them directly against the united states . and they