Meet the Press   |  July 07, 2013

Menendez: Health care delay a decision to ‘get it right’

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., weighs in on the recent decision to delay a key part of the health care reform law.

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>> senator, quickly, before i let you go, one domestic question. that is the fight over health care . the administration saying this week they're going to delay the employer mandate, a key part of the health care law . how concerned are you that the administration has just sparked a new fire among critics of this health care law who say that it's unworkable, it was not well thought out and ought to just be repealed?

>> well, david, if ten angels came swearing from above that this is the best law for the country's health there would be opponents who would say the angels lied. the reality is that this is an opportunity to get it right. 96% of all companies in america weren't subject to the mandate because they're under 50 employees. those who are subject to the mandate, 95% of them already offer insurance so, we're talking about probably 1% of the american workforce that works for a company subject to the mandate that didn't get insurance and will be able to get it in the health exchanges that open up in october. so i think getting it right is important, and that's what the administration was trying to do. opponents will take any movement. had they not taken the time, they would have criticized them for not giving them the right type of regulatory framework for the reporting to take place. so the reality is i think the criticism would come no matter what.