Image: Former U.S. First Lady Laura Bush smiles next to current U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama at the African First Ladies Summit in Dar Es Salaam
Gary Cameron / Reuters

Meet the Press   |  July 07, 2013

Mitchell: First ladies’ comments make waves

NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell and a Meet the Press panel discuss the attention given to comments Michelle Obama and Laura Bush made while together in Africa.

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>> there was another moment of the week that before i run run out of time i want to get to. it had to do with two first ladies, a current and former, talking about life in the white house , michelle obama making some comments. here's a portion of it.

>> i've just found it just a very freeing and liberating opportunity.

>> not a prison?

>> there are prison elements to it. but it's a really nice prison so --

>> with a chef.

>> can't complain. but there is definitely, you know, elements that are confining. it's a great privilege. so while people are sort of sorting through our shoes and our hair and whether we cut it or not, you know --

>> whether we have bangs.

>> whether we have bangs.

>> who would have thought.

>> andrea, the white house is prison.

>> and i'm so glad you played the whole thing because it was cokie roberts quoting from martha washington , i believe she'd written a book on first ladies, described it as a prison, and that's what michelle obama swuz responding to in that way and also giving some serious thought to how it's such a privilege to be first lady. and of course the, you know, glog sphere, the conservative blogosphere took off on michelle obama describing it as a prison, which is not what she did.

>> she said it's a very nice prison. that was an honest answer.

>> the chef said --

>> i thought it was only supposed to be us reporters that complained of the prison confines of the white house . look, i do think it was interesting to see the two of them. you know, michelle obama has never been ecstatic about how life is like in the white house . this was a professional woman, had her own business career and all this stuff and suddenly it's gone. but she's gotten more comfortable.

>> quick break here. my thanks to congressman labrador as always.