Meet the Press   |  July 14, 2013

Zimmerman found not guilty: Latest developments

NBC's David Gregory talks with an NBC News' Kerry Sanders about the public reaction to the verdict issued in the George Zimmerman trial.

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>> and 20 minutes , not guilty says the jury in the george zimmerman trial, the trial filled with 12 days of emotional testimony and conflicting versions of what happened the night 16 months ago when trayvon martin was shot and killed. for reaction to the verdict, remaining questions, and what it all means, first we want to go live to sanford, florida. nbc's kerry sanders who has been covering this case from the beginning. there was concern about negative reaction to this verdict perhaps spilling into the streets. the good news this morning, people just waking up, it has not been a violent night. is that right?

>> reporter: that is correct. peaceful here, peaceful in south florida where trayvon martin was from. i was in the courtroom when the six female jurors entered the courtroom. as they walked in, not one of them looked over towards george zimmerman sitting at the defense table. he stood up. they sat down. then as the verdict was actually read in the court by the clerk of the courts, again, not one of those jurors looked over at george zimmerman . they were then polled by the attorneys, as is custom, whether they had a unanimous decision, and then they left, again, not looking at george zimmerman . this was a jury of six, six women, five of them mothers, five of them white, one of them described by the prosecutor as either black or hispanic, two of them gun owners. after they left, outside there was a fair amount of noise outside the courthouse that could not be heard up on the fifth floor. the jurors did not hear that. the rally was primarily those -- at least those who were most vocal were those who were disappointed with the outcome, complaining that they felt that the system had not delivered a verdict that they wanted. this is a community here of about -- well, we do the breakdown here, it's 78% white, it's 17% hispanic, and it's 11% black. and the complaints have been since the very beginning here primarily from the african-american community that the system did not seem to represent them from the very beginning with the police department . there have been changes over time . the police chief has been removed. the lead detective who was strongly criticized at the beginning, he remains on the police department . he is the one who had put together an arrest affidavit. well, they never actually executed that arrest affidavit. he was eventually put back in uniform, working occasionally on the night shift , but he's still here with the police department .

>> all right.

>> reporter: looking forward for this community, they now, david, have to continue to see if they can make the community more inclusive. and part of that is waiting for a report from the department of justice , the fbi civil rights division launching an investigation here to see whether this community can move forward together.

>> all right. kerry sanders in sanford for us this morning,