Meet the Press   |  July 14, 2013

Reid forecasts future of immigration reform in the House

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicts how he thinks the Gang of Eight's immigration reform measure will be addressed in the GOP-controlled House.

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>> another issue that is dividing congress is whether we're going to get immigration reform . the senate has acted. it now moves to the house. do you see this being acted upon by the house or dieing a slow death?

>> david , the legislation's been hard to come by because of the obstruction of the republicans. i'm very happy, and we are so fortunate as a country, that one big issue we've had eight very wise senators, four republicans and four democrats, work together to come up with a bill. you know, my friend the republican leader will get on here and say we haven't been able to do the farm bill . we did immigration. as if p we should be celebrating. it used to be we did big legislation all the time.

>> but i'm asking you in this case, will the house act?

>> yes, they will act. they have to. this is something that -- the vast, vast majority of republican, democrat, and independents support, and john boehner should let the house vote. that's all he has to do. if the house voted it would pass overwhelm lig.

>> but the specific complaint by house conservatives distill bidwill yam krystal and rich lowry , and they write this -- "the bill's fatal deficiency is it doesn't solve the illegal immigration problem. the enforcement provisions are riddled with exceptions, loopholes, waivers. every indication is they are for show and will be disregarded just as prior national requirements to build a fence have been and just as president obama has recently announced he's ignoring aspects of obama care that are inconvenient to enforce on schedule. why won't we waive a requirement for the use of e-verify in the workplace just as he's unilaterally delayed the employer mandate?"

>> if we were in the courtroom, i would object to your question because there are so many different questions, but i'll try to answer. first of all, obama care, whatever comes up, republicans throw that in. you realized they've voted to repeal it 40 times? what's happened 40 times, of course it's failed. obama care has been wonderful for america. 6 million seniors get wellness checks now. 3.1 million young people now have insurance that insurers can't rip off people anymore. that's why people got millions of dollars of refunds last year. if you have a pre-existing disability, you're covered. they should just get real and understand this is a law that's important. and they need to work with us to improve it.

>> the narrow question, the specific charge on immigration.

>> immigration. we have the chamber of commerce , conservative groups all over america running ads telling republicans, vote for this. this is a good bill. it gives us security on our border, and it gives people who are here a pathway to citizenship. and, david , finally, it saves the country a trillion dollars. it's good for the economy. not a billion. not a million. a trillion.

>> all of these issues could play out in the midterm race, including abortion. you now have states voting to ban abortion after 20 weeks. will this come up? is it reasonable for it to come up in the united states senate ? you've described yourself as pro-life in the past. is it not reasonable to put some restrictions on late-term abortion as we're seeing in the states?

>> david , we had a transportation, infrastructure, construction development bill. so important. it was agreed upon. chairman boxer, ranking member hough. you know what happened? it was filibustered because they wanted to prevent women from having contraceptives. it took us a month to get that off the floor before we could vote and defeat that. they can offer an amendment, the senate.

>> on the substance, is that reasonable or unreasonable?

>> i think we should deal with the problems that affect this country. we need to do something to help the american working class and stop worrying about fringe issues.

>> is it unreasonable to put restrictions on abortion after 20 weeks?

>> i'm happy to take a look at this. i repeat, let's do things that the vast majority of the american people think we should deal with.

>> leader harry reid , thank you very much. more to come on all of these things. appreciate you being here.