Meet the Press   |  July 14, 2013

McConnell touts his marriage in support for immigration reform

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell elaborates on how he thinks the House will address the Senate-passed immigration overhaul.

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>> on the issue of immigration, which i just referred to a moment ago, how important is it to you to act this year, to get some kind of reform?

>> well, i hope we can. as you know, david, i'm the proud husband of an immigrant. a young girl came here at age 8 not speaking a word of english. in fact, her parents didn't have enough money for a plane ticket. they came over on a freighter with a freight. my wife, elaine chao , became secretary of labor and was in president bush 's cabinet. i'm a big fan of what illegal immigration has done for our country. i hope, even though the senate bill in my view is deficient on the issue of border security , i hope we can get an outcome for the country that improves the current situation. i don't think anybody is satisfied with the status quo on immigration, and i hope the house will be able to move forward on something and we can get this into conference and get an outcome that will be satisfactory for the american people .

>> how do you deal with 11 million or 12 million illegal immigrants in the country now without a pathway to citizenship? is that dead on arrival if that remains?

>> well, you know, i think the stickiest issue actually the border security . question is can we actually get the border secure and not have this happen again. that's the skikiestitickiest issue. i hope the house will concentrate on that. we need to seriously beef up the border security part. i think that's the key to getting a final outcome.