Meet the Press   |  July 14, 2013

McConnell hopes for 'revenue-neutral' tax reform

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell expresses his hope for comprehensive tax reform.

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>> final point here. another divisive issue. that is a potential part of the republican agenda this year. and that is tax reform . are you for tax reform , or might you even support some in the republican caucus and others who are calling to -- for abolishment, to get rid of the internal revenue service ?

>> what i would like to see is the same kind of premise that ronald reagan and tip o'neill, a republican and a democrat, had back in the '80s. and the premise was this -- we're going to do tax reform , but it will be revenue neutral to the government. in other words, the government doesn't gain revenue for itself. it's for flattening out the tax rate , making our country more competitive. if we can agree in advance that the exercise will be conducted within those parameters, that it's not a tax increase for the federal government , then i think it would be a very good thing for our country to do comprehensive tax reform , lower the rates, and make america more competitive in the global economy .