Meet the Press   |  July 28, 2013

Snowden's situation: Where we are now

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers of Michigan talks about Edward Snowden's current asylum status and whether a return to the United States is in the cards.

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>> edward snowden. there are some attempts by the administration to suggest to the russians and to him they would not pursue the death penalty to try to get him back here. senior government official told me this week that snowden has the blueprint for the nsa but not the owner's manual. what does that say to you about the threat he still possesses with more disclosures that could come forth?

>> we need to understand this very quickly. he has disclosed programs that make it easier for terrorists overseas, and the first people who are going to feel that damage are our soldiers in afghanistan. we need to understand that. this is serious and it's real. as well as empowering chinese and russian intelligence officials. i think it's important that he comes back, brings what he has left, and if he really truly believes he did something good, quote, unquote, then come back to the united states . he missed every opportunity to be a whistle-blower when he missed every opportunity to talk to a whole host of avenues for him to --

>> but is it realistic to compel him to come back?

>> i'm not sure. i think he may be too far gone. i would hope at the end of the day he makes that decision. we know that he's certainly -- the russian intelligence services would love to have further conferrings with him. we think he's already had some disclosure to the chinese intelligence officials. so there's a lot more to this story, a lot to be concerned about. i would like him to come back as well and bring what he has stolen from the people of the united states .