Meet the Press   |  July 28, 2013

MTP panel reviews Filner's remarks

A Meet the Press roundtable looks back on remarks made recently by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner defending himself from accusations of sexual misconduct.

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>> you talk about mayor bob filner. he spoke out on friday after more women were coming forward accusing him of sexual harassment. these were part of his comments.

>> the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. my failure to respect women and the intimidating contact i engage in at times is inexcusable. i am responsible for my conduct. and i must take responsibility for my conduct by taking action so that such conduct does not ever happen again.

>> but that action, harold ford , does not include resigning. it's just defiance. i'm going to get some help for a while but i'm going to stay in office.

>> it's probably inevitable he will have to leave office. i know bob. i served with him. but it's probably time for him to move on. i would identify myself with all the remarks that have been made this morning. as i listen to anthony's campaign, he makes the case he's fighting for middle-class new yorker, he wants to ensure that a lifestyle of good jobs and opportunity there r there. if he generally cares about that, he should move on and allow the race to get back and allow people to talk about the issues people care most about. maria made a good point, there's been an issue here. who's going to grow the economy, ensure the tax base doesn't flee and ensure that what the mayor has invested in in the last few years will continue to grow? i'm not sure that's happening right now.

>> as i said, a story like weiner's, in addition to not bringing husbands and wives closer together as a general matter, also begs the question about why do they think they can hang on? what is it about our current political culture, daismd, that makes these guys think i can ride this out?

>> i wouldn't generalize too much because what makes them behave the way they did in the first place, there's a certain pathology associated with this. and i would say the issue here isn't about his relationship with his wife. the issue is about his relationship with the voters. he's twice deceived them, lied about his activity, and why would you repost trust in someone who did that? i think he is delusional at this point and doesn't understand the situation.

>> if you're the ceo of a company looking to locate to new york city in the next couple years with anthony weiner as mayor, would you feel confident and comfortable with his leadership styles and abilities --

>> it's not even worthy of discussion. he shouldn't be mayor of new york .

>> bad judgment.

>> what happened to honor and shame? in european politics , which has a lot of problem, people resign for much smaller stuff than that. you feel bad about it but keep running. it's narcissistic, selfish, and insult to the people of