Meet the Press   |  July 28, 2013

NYC City Council speaker: Sex scandals breed 'disgust and distrust' in government

Christine Quinn visits Meet the Press voices disappointment in Anthony Weiner and says she doesn't think he is qualified to be mayor of the city.

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>> speaker of new york city council mayoral candidate christine quinn . speaker quinn, welcome.

>> thank you very much.

>> you have called anthony weiner 's behavior reckless. "the new york times" has said he's been disqualified as a candidate. you've heard that discussion here. is he disqualified as a candidate?

>> you know, i think that what's going on here is beyond unfortunate because as has been said by everyone on your panel, this is the greatest city in the world and it has potential to be even better. and when you see scandal after scandal like this, what it does is create even more distrust and maybe even disgust in government. and we really need to move beyond that, to reengage new yorkers in this mayor's race and have conversations about the records and the future. you know, i've been in city government for a long time. my time as speaker i've balanced eight budgets on time, saved the jobs of 4,100 school teachers, and grew tech and manufacturing jobs during the recession. very few cities can say that. and i want to make this city even better.

>> speaker, what about my question? is he disqualified as a candidate?

>> you know, i think it's become very clear that former congress member weiner has a pattern of reckless behavior, an inability to tell the truth, and a real lack of maturity and responsibility. i don't think he should be mayor, and i think voter, if he stays in the race, will make that very clear.

>> one more try on this. again, "the new york times" says he's been disqualified. do you believe he's disqualified even as a candidate even as you decry the lack of focus on serious issues? from a political point of view are you benefitting from the fact he is weakened but still in the race?

>> you know, i don't thinkitis appropriate for opponents to say who should or shouldn't get in or out of races. that's for voters. did he have the qualifications to be mayor of new york ? has he disqualified himself? yes. not just because of these scandals thoeshgs that certainly has. he didn't have the qualifications when he was in congress. he was in congress 12 year, passed one bim at the request of a campaign contributor, a tobacco magnet. you compare that to the kind of work i've done bringing republicans and democrats together in the new york city council, passing legislation that improved the quality of 5,000 apartments in new york city , passing legislation -- getting it passed in albany that come september makes kindergarten mandatory for every 5-year-old. that's what we need in leadership, and that's what voters want. and i think that's what we're going to see happen come primary day and election day .