Meet the Press   |  July 28, 2013

Recent polling approval numbers: Is the government stuck?

A Meet the Press roundtable reflects recent all-time low approval numbers of Congress and what the numbers say about the current state of government in America.

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>> look at congress' approval and disapproval. it's striking in our recent poll. 83% disapproval. is the federal government stuck, mike? is this a role more for the states to deal with poverty and infrastructure spending?

>> some states get stuck, too. we have highly incentivized to get stuck politics. republicans are afraid of primaries and democrats are afraid of their interests groups, the employee unions and the like, so it's hard to move. i'm sympathetic to the president's frustration. he's between a rock and a hard place . he want s to be a liberal president with a liberal policy. he doesn't control the house. he has districts that don't care for him or obama care or his agenda.

>> and politically --

>> in the short term. there's got to be a superhero, and that's the president. then it's painful ideological move. then he ood have an issue.

>> -- national papers, the president is talk about income equality and republicans are in a parallel article saying they're going to make abortion a big issue in the next several months. i don't necessarily disagree with what they're trying to do, but is that the number-one issue to be dealing with in light of all these things?

>> let me just point out, when the president stepped out in the spring and said, yes, i will do some things on social security , the cpi and so on, and i will talk about entitlement reform, the republicans were like the kid -- the dog who caught the car, you know? they didn't want to engage in that discussion.

>> well, yes. but the president --

>> let me --

>> he has no partner.

>> maria on this and also business still hanging back here despite record profits?

>> yeah. look, i think at the end of the day people are so tired of these fights. it's your fault, your fault, your fault. we need to come together. i think what harold said is critical here. there are some things that are low-hanging fruit that we can actually agree on and get things done over the short term. one is tax reform . everybody agrees that tax reform is necessary. and we need to make this simpler. and i think a lot of people agree that it does include or should include lower corporate taxes so that business is incentivized to actually create jobs here. another thing low-hanging fruit is energy. we are rich in this country in natural gas . whether it's keystone or fracking,