Meet the Press   |  July 28, 2013

David bids farewell to MTP producer Betsy Fischer

NBC's David Gregory and a Meet the Press roundtable reflect on the legacy of executive producer Betsy Fischer and the evolution of Meet the Press under her leadership.

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>>> we are marking the end of an rather at "meet the press." our senior executive producer betsy fisher martin is leaving the helm of the program in order to expand her portfolio at nbc news where she'll now serve as one of the key executives on political coverage. no doubt, "meet the press" wiould not be what it is without her. down the street at american university , the lure of the world's longest running television program was too great to ignore. well, something like that.

>> i thought, this is great, i can sleep late, i can walk to work. this is an ideal internship. and little did i know i sort of got bit by the journalism bug.

>> it wasn't long before betsy made her mark on the program, catching the eye of moderator and washington bureau chief tim russert . as his executive producer, they worked side by side as the program reached its greatest heights.

>> almost every morning for the last ten years tim would call at exactly 9:00 a.m . and say, hey, bets, what do you know?

>> after tim 's untimely death, betsy led the program with tom brokaw as the moderator during the homestretch of the 2008 campaign. betsy and i, after being classmates at american university years ago, partners on this program in december of 2008 . from wall street to the campaign trail to our program in afghanistan, we pursued one of her signature goals.

>> i want to take a story and figure out how do we move it forward, how do we get to the bottom of something, how do we progress a story.

>> now it's her own story moving forward. betsy leaves us, but she gets her weekends back, a little bit more time with husband, jonathan, and her darling ella. 22 years with "meet the press," 11 as executive producer, murph and axe, you know her well.

>> i was shocked to hear she took the job in the first place because she thought she could sleep late.

>> as an intern.

>> it's paid off for the american people because she has made this show as much as you guys who carry the load in front of the camera, she has made this show what it is for so long. and so she will be missed but she'll enhance the coverage for nbc i'm sure.

>> best in the business. when i starmtded out here, tim brought me to the show, i was terrified. she brought me up. she's a combination of kind of a mother hen and a drill sergeant . and i'm always going to be very grateful and she's going to be a huge addition to the campaign coverage.

>> the good news is as we say, betsy won't be far away. we're going to miss her. i speak for everybody here when i say thank you. that's all for today. we'll be back next week. if it's sunday, thanks to betsy , it's "meet the