Meet the Press   |  August 04, 2013

Historical precedent in the political sex scandal

A Meet the Press roundtable reflects on past sex scandals and how the presidential legacies can remain unaffected when accomplishments outweigh the controversy.

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>> diego mayor, mayor bob filner, actually starting his therapy tomorrow, joy ann.

>> right. i think at the same time, though, there is a certain level i think of puritanical sort of vibe that we have in the united states that maybe in europe we don't see. we had jacques chiraq have tremendous sort of marital issues publicly and it didn't really matter. we have politicians who are able to compartmentalize and have great achievement bespite being lousy husbands. you can go back to fdr, look at jfk, people considered great. ronald reagan was the first divorced president and people didn't hold it against him. the idea you cannot perform well as a politician because you are not a stellar husband has been disproved by history. the problem for weiner and others, when the scandal becomes all you're about, anthony weiner is having trouble getting out what are his programs would be as mayor.

>> it's an ongoing crisis as nancy pelosi said. just like rick santorum , who agrees with nancy so often, and i do, too, just in this one moment, as she said, if you've got to get therapy, that's cool, everybody needs therapy, but get it in private. don't do it on the campaign trail. and that's the problem here. these are evolving crises. we're watching the wheels come off the cart in the middle of these campaigns and perhaps should wait a couple years.