Meet the Press   |  August 04, 2013

Giuliani expresses 'lost confidence' in NYC electorate

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani talks about how the scandal clouding Anthony Weiner affects the city of New York.

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>> join meganow is the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani . he's got a unique perspective on some of the big issues we've been talking about, not only the scandal surrounding anthony weiner but the split on foreign policy in the gop, of course the new york yankees and a-rod, which we'll get to in just a moment. mr. mayor, welcome.

>> glad to talk to you as always.

>> let me start on what's -- this discussion, what makes politicians think they can keep working through this in public life . you've had to face personal questions about your own life when you were mayor of new york city . how do you think this is reflecting on the city, if at all?

>> oh, i guess it creates a lot of interest in the race. hopefully at some point that's going to focus on real issues. i think maybe some of this, when i'm listening to it, we have too little confidence in the e electorate. they get all these issues. they get to evaluate it. in the sanford race in south carolina , everybody knew what happened with sanford. they knew all the details about it. turned out to be a much closer race than anyone thought. maybe if the democrats went with a different candidate they might have won. who knows. but the electorate made a decision with all the facts. same with spitzer and weiner. it's in front of the e electric rat. the electorate is adult, mature. i'm confident they'll figure it out.

>> the only question i have as a parent, is this life in session that voters can judge, or is there something disqualifying at a point when i can't even turn on the news because that's going to create a bigger conversation than i want to have with my 8-year-old?

>> only way we can solve that, david, is if we had a disqualification process, if people put themselves up for public office and somebody investigated them and said your personal life is not so good, we're going to throw you out. then we have as i think a number of your panel ilss made the point, these situations, we actually lump them all together. they're all very, very different. people with great accomplishment made a big mistake . people with no accomplishment made a big mistake . these are very hard to evaluate and say this person should be out, that person shouldn't be out. this is why we have elections. the e electorate can evaluate this, and usually they get it right. when they don't, remember in boston they elected a mayor who was in jail? they got a mayor in jill.