Meet the Press   |  August 04, 2013

Giuliani backs Christie in national security spat

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani throws his weight behind the arguments made by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in his argument with Rand Paul over national security practices.

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>> let me ask you about national security and the fight within your own party. you went round and round with rand paul when you ran for president. it's happening again with his son and chris christie , and you're hearing rick santorum , who looks like he's running perhaps in 2016 as well. where do you see the resolution? where does this fight within the party over america's role in the world and how to best protect the country go in 2016 ?

>> so, this is a good fight. now we're xwerting on a vubt whe subject where we're having a good fight, the role of america in protecting itself. i would agree with rick and with governor christie. i'm on that side of it. i think we need a strong, robust national security . i think that rand paul makes some good points in alerting us to how sensitive we have to be about privacy. but we can't stop all the things we're doing that protect us because we want to overprotect privacy. and i think to some extent, you know, this debate maybe can reduce some of the places in which we've gone to excess. so what i wouldn't want to see is, hey, we do away with all these programs. that would be a terrible mistake.