Meet the Press   |  August 04, 2013

Giuliani: 'I've seen the other side of A-rod'

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani discusses the sports scandal surrounding baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

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>> i saved probably the most sensitive for last for you as a die hard yankees fan, and that's judgment day coming up for baseball, particularly for star third baseman of the yankees, alex rodriguez . here you are last year, september of 2012 , with some young people getting an autograph from alex rodriguez . and now our reporting indicating today that he is on the verge of a major suspension. as you look at that, what do you think this morning?

>> i don't know. you showed me that picture, and it's very, very sad. he, alex rodriguez , went out of his way to not only autograph that for the boy, wonderful young boy , but he also gave him his glove, his batting glove. and the young boy still has that batting glove and he says, i have a batting glove that a-rod sweated into. his sweat was in here. he shows me the batting glove. i've seen the other side of a-rod. extremely kind to kids, very good teammate. i can't evaluate this. here's the part i'm a little confused about, david. i don't exactly understand completely this biogenesis situation. i don't understand exactly what it is they did wrong. did they just do biogenesis, which is basically blood enhancement, with which a number of other athletes did, or, here's what i suspect, under the guise of that they were getting human growth hormone , which is what would make it as serious as it is. so i don't know all the facts so it's very hard pressed for me to make a definitive conclusion about it.