Meet the Press   |  August 04, 2013

Panel: Baseball has 'tremendous capacity' to inspire athletes and America

A Meet the Press panel discusses the effect the current biogenesis scandal will have on baseball culture in America.

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>>> andrea mitchell , you're such a big sports fan. my own son said to me if one of his players he really likes a lot is caught up in this, he's going to throw away his jersey. this really matters in terms of the future of the game.

>> baseball is america. baseball to me is essential sport. and the fact that it has been so disgraced in the past and now ongoing, it's got to be cleaned up. and the yankees of course are motivated by the $100 million left on the contract with the salary cap , but they also have to be concerned about the pinstripes.

>> do you agree with bob, though, rick, that this is a good day for baseball in terms of how strongly they're acting?

>> i'm very encouraged to hear about the players because i think that's been one of the big problems, the complicit ti of the players unions and other players sort of letting this pass and sort of rallying around the guy, whether they deserved it or not. i think that's a great turning point. and the point is -- and bob mentioned this -- baseball is a game about records. i mean, you always talk about your team and you go, well, what era, and that's -- you know, baseball is not the glitzy, glamorous sport that football can be and the nba. it's got more tradition and records. and you're throwing all that out when you throw this in here.

>> joy ann?

>> i was reading "42," the story of jackie robinson . so baseball has this tremendous capacity to bring out the best in individual athletes and really to showcase a potential for growth in the country. i mean, as a kid, i used to collect baseball cards . i was a huge baseball fan. afsz yankee fan. it's just disappointing that you can't count on the individual heroism of athletes. you can't believe it. the fact the awe ten then tis ti of those records is in question back to the '90s, it's difficult to find heros in our society. when people are motivated by lifestyle and money and trying to be bigger and stronger but not better, that's a problem, i think, that's fundamental to the chul you are, not just of baseball .

>> i think it's also a problem that you're a yankees fan. seriously.

>> another reason to love you.

>> when we were growing up, we're roughly from the same area, i followed hank aaron , roberto clemente .

>> steve garvey .

>> we could go on and on and on. and what was so great is my dad and i would debate, you know, mickey mantle versus hank aaron . of course i was hank aaron . i can't do that with my son because my son lives with an asterisk over his entire era. and i never let him forget it.