Meet the Press   |  August 18, 2013

Sunday inspiration: Boston's Boyle Street bounces back

An embattled restaurant finally reopens after being decimated by the Boston marathon bombing.

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>>> we're back this morning with "sunday inspiration," a reminder that not all news is bad news. a symbolic step on boston 's road to recovery. the last business to reopen on boston 's famous boylston street , the site of the april 15th marathon bombings. the second bomb in the attack that killed three and injured hundreds more exploded outside the front door of the forum restaurant. in the chaos that followed, the employees sprung to action and were widely praised for their response.

>> are you heroes?

>> you know, like, some people have asked, said what we did was heroic. and the way i look at it was, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we did the right thing.

>> four months later, after being boarded up and remodeled, the form reopened friday for dinner, a true sign of boston