Meet the Press   |  August 18, 2013

Is the GOP formidable in modern America?

A Meet the Press roundtable examines the United States' cultural landscape and how the Republican Party fits into the country's social vision.

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>> congresswoman, as you look as a democrat on the outside, you don't have the rooting interests, but how formidable do you look at the republican party as being right now?

>> well, i don't see the pathway for chris christie , given especially what chuck has really outlined. and the problem for republicans is not kind of where they say what they say and how many venues they have to say it, it's what they're saying, and when what they're saying is against immigrants and women and african-american teenagers, it's something that just isn't going to go for the broader swath of those independent voters and the country. so, i don't really see the pathway for chris christie .

>> i will say, i think one of the most important speeches at the rnc this week was when newt gingrich challenged the party not to simply be against obama care but have positive policy ideas. and you see that in the clip from reagan. and rich talked a little bit about this sort of the debates sort of rand paul and chris christie . you will see this race form when somebody begins to outline a hopeful, optimistic governing vision for where they want to take both the party and the country. that, i think, is the reagan optimism that a republican candidate needs. and everyone knows what they're against.

>> newt was absolutely right about that. it's not enough to oppose obama care. now, republicans should oppose obama care. it's falling apart in front of our eyes. we're seeing rate increases, even though the president is saying health insurance is going to be cheaper for everyone. but the party needs an agenda where they can say this is how we want to help people get health insurance that's affordable, that's renewable, that's going to be for them, there for them when they're sick.

>> and they're not going to get any help in the congress because it's a congress that has intentionally not put forward any kind of positive policy agenda.

>> right.

>> well, they quite frankly need a nominee that's not based on republicans in congress. they don't need an obstructionist agenda. they need some sort of positive agenda, and i think that's why there was some power in what newt gingrich