Meet the Press   |  August 25, 2013

Booker recalls his parents' struggles

Newark Mayor Cory Booker reflects on the struggles his parents went through to achieve their dreams and break through the cycle of poverty.

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>> parents, two of the early executives at ibm, first african-american, black executives there. what does your journey tell you about the american dream ?

>> it shows me my dad born to a single mom , poor, below the poverty line in a segregated environment, like the majority of my children in newark were born, it took a spirit of love, activists, to break that cycle of poverty. now more than ever we need to rekindle that love. we have a declaration of independence in america, but the testimony of america is also a declaration of interdependence. when we realize we need each other, that when a child fails, we are less of it, when a child succeeds, we all benefit from the genius, that's what we need to rekindle, reignite that conspiracy of love in our country so kids born now in those same circumstances can have the same opportunities my dad did.

>> mayor booker, thank you for